Straight Edges & Extension Handles


A. Lightweight Magnesium Straight Edge
SEM12 complete (12' & 17 lbs.), SEM12 blade only (12' & 10 lbs.), SEM10 complete (10' & 14 lbs.), SEM10 blade only (10' & 8 lbs.)
* Straight edge complete includes a 12' thread connect handle with braces. We can equip these tools with standard threaded or choice of tilt bracket.

This probably the most widely used slab checking tool on the market today. It is made from a magnesium hollow extrusion with a vertical reinforcing web extending through the section and a V shaped leading edge that gives it additional stiffness to allow the operator to work web slab slightly to obtain flatness. Very good accuracy through 12 feet size and available up to 18 feet.

B. Combination Magnesium Straight Edge
ST10C complete (10' & 16 lbs.), ST10B blade only (10' & 11 lbs.), ST12C complete (12' & 18 lbs.), ST12B blade only (12' & 13 lbs.), ST14C complete (14' & 20 lbs.), ST14B blade only (14' & 15 lbs.), ST16C complete (16' & 22 lbs.), ST16B blade only (16' & 17 lbs.), ST18C complete (18' & 25 lbs.), ST18B blade only (18' & 20 lbs.), ST20C complete (20' & 27 lbs.), ST20B blade only (20' & 22 lbs.) 
* Straight edge complete includes 12' Quick-Connect handle with braces. We can equip these tools with standard threaded or choice of tilt bracket.
This recent addition to our line provides a checking tool with much better accuracy than our light weight line for paving and slab checking. This item ordered complete is supplied with a standard threaded bracket and a 12 foot threaded handle. Many options are available for quick-connect handles using our Haivala tilt bracket or we can equip this tool with an aluminum adaptor box that allows use of most tilt brackets available. Call for price quotes on these options. The unique shape of this extruded section gives it enough rigidity to utilize it as a two man rodding tool when placing concrete and it is available as a two man rod without accessories.

C. Threaded Extension Handles
Magnesium Handles: MH12 (12'), MH8 (8'), MH6 (6'), MH4 (4')
Our thread connect extension handles are available in 13/4" magnesium tubing. Can be adapted to all Haivala floats, paving straight edge, long handle edgers, groovers and trowels. Threaded connectors are of durable cast magnesium. Fiberglass handles are nonconductive to meet safety regulations.

D. Quick-Connect Extension Handle
MQH12 (12'), MQH8 (8'), MQH6 (6'), MQH4 (4'), SL1 (Replacement snap lock), SC1 (Replacement sleeve connector)
Our quick-connect handles are available in magnesium and can be adapted to several bracket attachments offered by other manufacturers. All Haivala handles are of quality materials for maximum durability.