Floats, Drags & Placers


A. Stainless Radius Rumble Floats
48SRM (48" x 7" & Also available in cast magnesium), 48KMS (48" x 7" & Other specs available on special order) 
Designed to form harsh rumble wake-up strips in paving or median strips. Radius wave design shown here has 1" peak and valley radius with a 1" depth. These floats can be filled with rock or sand for added weight.

B. Stainless Flat Top Rumble Floats
48SRP (48" x 7")

Designed to rough-in, wake-up sections on highway paving jobs. This float forms 6" on center corrugated grooves I" in depth. May be filled with rock or sand for added weight.

C. Combination Magnesium Floats
48COMP (48" x 8", 9 1/2 lbs., 1/4" penetration & 1/2" center to center), 40COMP (40" x 7 1/4", 8 1/2 lbs., 1/8" penetration & 3/8" center to center), 38COMP (38" x 6 1/2", 7 lbs., 1/16" penetration & 3/8" center to center)
Our half sooth, half corrugated cast magnesium floats are designed to penetrate freshly poured cement containing coarse rock to condition the slab surface for final finish. Working the float over the slab with corrugated surface trailing, it forces coarse aggregate down below the surface and on the return stroke it restores the slab to a smooth surface. Each unit includes a threaded float bracket. 

Quick-connect handle assemblies are available in magnesium and fiberglass for all Haivala floats.

D. Heavy Duty Drags
HD205 (5' Handle), HD205A (5' Handle)
This heavy duty drag allows the finisher to grade, smooth and spread concrete with ease. Constructed of 13 gauge steel or lightweight aluminum, these tools hold up under the roughest conditions. Head measures 5" x 20". Come complete with a 5' durable hardwood handle. Replacement handles available.

E. Magnesium Placers
MP42 (42"), MP36 (36"), MP30 (30"), MP24 (24")
This tool is versatile and lightweight and is designed to ease the screeding process and to reduce labor costs. Durability constructed of magnesium in an extruded, triangular shape, this tool doubles as a bull float and is the only tool needed on small slabs prior to final finish. All size equipped with handle brace and 5' or 6' wood handle. Specify handle length when ordering.