Curb and Gutter Tools & Matched Step Tools


A. Curb and Gutter Tools
Standard: HC-92 (Outside 2"), HC-93 (Inside 3")
Combination Inside/Outside Curb Tool (one piece): HC-94 (Outside 2" & Inside 3"), HWC-94 (Outside 2" & Inside 3")
* Specify curb height when ordering. Fax sketch or drawing if available.)

The standard inside curb tool as a 3" radius. Outside curb tool has a 2" radius. Both have a 1" batter to center of radius, unless otherwise specified. Curb and gutter tools are 7" long. Outside tools are 6" wide, with 3" side walls. Inside tools have 4H" walls. Curb and gutter tools can be specially made to fit your needs.

B. Matched Step Tools
HS-72 (Outside 1/2"), HS-73 (Inside 1/2"), HS-78 (Outside 3/8"), HS-79 (Inside 3/8")
Standard matched step tools are 7" long. Inside step tools has tapered end for easy access to corners. Set has H" batter unless otherwise specified. Step tools can be tailored to your specifications.

C. Wide Pan Groovers
HST245G (24" x 5"), HST305 (30" x 5"), HST247G (24" x 7"), HST307G (30" x 7")
Our pan style groovers are offered in 24" and 30" widths, 5", 7" and 10" long. Radiuses and bit depths are the same as our standard groovers or to your specifications. Customer must provide these dimensions when ordering. These groovers are fabricated of quality tempered stainless steel with rigid magnesium handle mounting and can be supplied with standard adjustable bracket as shown or Haivala tilt bracket.