Brackets & Long-Handled Trowels


E. Magnesium Strike-Off Rods
HMS (10', 12', 14', 15', 16', 18' & 20')
* Please specify size when ordering

Our new magnesium strike-off rod is very rigid with an extruded shape and designed for ease of handling and accuracy. Available in 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18 and 20 foot lengths.

A. Handle Brackets
Handle Bracket Assembly: H12 Complete, H1 Upper Section, H2 Lower Section, H12B, H1 Upper Section, H2B Lower Section
Replacement Handle Fittings: M3M (Female), M4MB (Male)

This cast magnesium adjustable handle adapts to all Haivala floats and our 1 3/4" diameter magnesium threaded handles.

B. Tilt Brackets
This adjustable angle bracket is adaptable to nearly all Haivala flatwork tools, including bull floats, fresnos and texturing and checking tools for paving. A simple twist of the handle on whatever tool the operator is using will position it to the proper tilt angle for finishing, without changing grounds to handle height.

C. Long-Handled Stainless Steel Trowels
HST185 (18" x 5"), HST245 (24" x 5"), HST305 (30" x 5"), HST307 (30" x 7"), HST365 (36" x 5"), HST367 (36" x 7")
The finest quality stainless steel is used for this durable, long-lasting, heavy-duty trowel. Extruded magnesium mounting fastens to blade with stainless steel rivets. Use with 1 3/4" diameter extension handles, shown on Straight Edges & Extension Handles" page.

D. Radius End Stainless Steel Trowels
HST185R (18" x 5"), HST245R (24" x 5"), HST305R (30" x 5"), HST307R (30" x 7"), HST365R (36" x 5"), HST367R (36" x 7")
Our round end trowels use the same materials as in the trowels listed above, but have a full radius on both ends. This feature reduces trowel marks often left when using square end tools in relatively wet concrete.

Quick Connect Brackets